My guardian angel smokes a pipe

It makes me smile when I think of an angel smoking a pipe, others would most likely think of it as odd. It is one of life’s ironic gifts that has been bestowed upon me. I will look to my angel for guidance for this is the only one I have.

No other angel will compare and I was destined for this one, no matter if the advice is laced with wisdom or truths you wish not to hear.

You wouldn’t expect to find wings on a scruffy man, with full beard, long hair, glasses and a pipe. He could pass for the stereotypical homeless man; a man that does not shave, seldom clean, and starts his day with a dose of alcohol of his choice. Not so much the angel type but the peace of having any angel brings such comfort when life just does not make much sense.

He always has a sense of humor even when he is sad. Will always give when he has nothing for himself. He is always true to who he is, even if that happens not to fit into a society to well.

So, my guardian angel smokes a pipe, wears blue jeans, drinks too much and does not smell all that great either; but I am happy he is mine.

It sums up how my life goes, gives me more of an understanding of where I am and where I have been. It resembles the holes I have dug, jumped into and had to climb out of, on my own.

One of those moments of clarity, the advice of my angel “You can do anything you put your mind to” rings true inside of me and allows me to go on with a little more strength each day.

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