Potato Salad

Potato Salad is always great in the summer but when you want to bring summer to you, just whip up some potato salad in place of the your regular side dish. It goes with anything.

1 large potato per person or serving. cut up and boil

Cool potatoes, peel or not.

Mix in a 1 tsp mustard

Mayo to taste, some like it really covered and some just a bit, mix some in until it looks good to you.

Salt and pepper to taste

Boiled eggs about 2-3 depending on how many people you have to eat this stuff.

Diced celery if you wish

Options- dill, celery seed, paprika, sour cream, ranch dressing, spicy mustard, chives, parsley, garlic

Be creative and then get out of the kitchen…It’s HOT!

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