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What the hell am I doing? Episode 1

Can comfort zones hold you back?

Can we be stunted in emotional health by cozying up within our comfort zones?

My personal comfort zone can manifest as a tunnel of bliss. You know that feeling where you settle in with no external interference or threat of discomfort. We get cozy with our usual ways of doing things and avoiding disruption. Our minds convince us that this is how it should be because it is comfortable.

Why wouldn't we get comfortable in life? We are programmed to seek things that make us feel good, safe, and suitable for us.

Could the comfort of it all be justifying fear?

Fear of doing something can be safe, like not jumping off massive heights. Fear of doing something can be an excuse not to feel the fear at all. Fear is an unpleasant feeling, so it is natural to avoid it. But what if that fear holds you in a comfort zone that takes away personal growth?

Should we just get out of our comfort zone?

Listen Here

Maybe baby steps: Step outside your comfort zone but bring your favorite fluffy pillow with you!

Does this make you feel better?

Everyone is nervous their first time?

Just jump in and do it.

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