If It Is NOT Working, Jump Out Of The Box

Everywhere I looked there was a webinar to sign up for, a book to read, a course to take, a tribe to join.

I was trying to take in all the advice, focus and find a niche, wasted time trying to conform, fit in, follow the advice. It hurt my brain.

What was I trying to do?

I just can't be them, it seemed everyone was saying the same thing but claiming to be different. The plans they were selling will make them money but the value I finally received from all the advice was that I had to do it my way.

With me jumping out of the box and right on to my own stage with my own name in lights even if there is no one in the audience. Sounds almost sad, but this takes more courage than I knew I had.

How could I be?...

….a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and natural health consultant

and deal with...







Social Anxiety


be a mother

be a wife

be a blogger

Travel a bunch

Love to people watch and bar hop

Then I realized, I am so that is how I can.

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