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It took a decade or so to figure out the tag line or even a summary of Sex'n'Fries. 

Yes, it took me over a decade to figure this out: "Aging gracefully as a hot mess"


I have been a certified personal trainer for about ten years now. I started with nutrition as my course of study, and have worked in the health/wellness industry for over twenty years. I do not consider my self a health nut but quite the opposite. I enjoy the very things that could be considered diet destroyers, that being said, I have studied fitness and nutrition in many different angles and bring my clients a way to be healthier, gain confidence and longevity. Through individualized programs and education we can focus on a very personal goal.

I deliver an understanding on how to use wellness information today so that you can feel better tomorrow and for many more tomorrows. 

We all want to stay active and the freedom of movement without pain.​

For all Fitness levels we offer personal training sessions focused on balance, flexibility and strength. Enhance daily activities with personal fitness goals. Nutrition coaching sessions for all health goals.

History-Established in 2009.

My Frame of Health Fitness Studio. Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, Amber Ormsbee.

Work out today for tomorrow. Gain health and wellness through training on for your fitness level. Online workshops available and studio appointments available.

Meet the Business Owner
Certified Personal Trainer. In the Health and Wellness Industry for over 20 years. Specializing in Recovery and beginners. Taking focus to individual needs and personal fitness goals and levels

Certified Personal Trainer - NFPT​

Fitness Specialist - The school of Allied Health 

Nutrition Specialist - The School of Allied Health 

Certified Nutrition Consultant - Alive Academy 

Cancer Recovery Specialist - NFPT 

Exercise and Fibromyalgia - DSW Fitness 

Core Conditioning Training - Human Kinetics 

Strength Training and Weight loss - Human Kinetics 

Movement Specialist - Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology 

Yoga Therapy - Human Kinetics 

Master Fitness Trainer - NFPT
Endurance Training Specialist
Resistance Training Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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The SexnFries blog started in 2009, with this description. I still love it!

Who? We are just like those people in the picture. BUT...we are older, lumpier, have more stretch marks, don't sit in tubs with our clothes on or with our friends. We have families, pets, lives...we have  tears and laughter and most of it makes us pee a little. We have bad hair days and when we don't we get ourselves out  so someone can see it. We dance, sing and with enough alcohol we might even yodel. We have seen things, forgot things and wish for more things.  We eat too much, go on diets, lift weights..stop and repeat. (usually on Monday). We age every day without fail, we try to stay sexy through it all.

We get a dose of Sex and Fries

We all have a sexy side, a wild side, a comfort food- stuffing 'who gives a f'ck' moment or two. We have in us, a feminist stripper with a waffling personality that possibly combines a twenty year old farmer's daughter and an over protective grandmother. Our self esteem polishes our sexiness and yet gives us too many opportunities to hide and cry. Here we come to a place in life, whether it is your forties, fifties or your twenties, there are always changing times in your life; bringing us to eating the greasy trans fat then complaining about our fat thighs and bloating.

Yes, I am woman, hear me roar but stick around to see me weep!

We are aging and laughing about it

...you have a better idea?

This blog is about the funny side of getting older, staying sane and dealing with life. We laugh, we cry and we tell it like it is. We deal with serious crap and get to the lighter side quite often but it all leads to sex and fries.


Enjoy a bit of fun!


Sorry if you were looking for something dirty but there is dirtier stuff on prime time TV.