The Wild Side of Normal






We are just like those people in the picture.

BUT...we are older, lumpier, have more stretch marks, don't sit in tubs with our clothes on or with our friends. We have families, pets, lives...we have tears and laughter and most of it makes us pee a little. We have bad hair days and when we don't think we look like crap we make sure someone is a witness. We dance, sing and with enough alcohol we might even yodel. We have seen things, forgot things and wish for more things.  We eat too much, go on diets, lift weights..stop and repeat. (usually on Monday). We age every day without fail, we try to stay sexy through it all.


We get a dose of Sex and Fries



Why Sex'n'Fries? Who are we?

It represents the real and the crazy in us all.

 We age every day without fail, we try to stay sexy through it all. We all have a sexy side, a wild side, a comfort food- stuffing 'who gives a f'ck' moment or two. We have in us, a feminist stripper with a waffling personality that possibly combines a twenty year old farmer's daughter and an over protective grandmother. Our self esteem polishes our sexiness and yet gives us too many opportunities to hide and cry. Here we come to a place in life, whether it is your forties, fifties or your twenties, there are always changing times in your life; bringing us to eating the greasy trans fat and in the same moment complaining about our fat thighs and the fact we feel too bloated to get it on.


Sex'n'Fries is about the authentic, funny, sexy side of getting older, staying sane and dealing with life. We laugh, we cry and we tell it like it is. We deal with serious crap and get to the lighter side quiet often but it all leads to sex and fries.


Enjoy a bit of fun! Sorry if you were looking for something dirty but there is dirtier stuff on prime time TV. 


Don't forget to listen to podcast and read the blog, you might not learn much but it is a great way to be supportive.

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