Betty Boop, just a little history for ya

She has been around forever. A sex symbol that will never die. Created in the 1930's the character was brought to life during the depression to be a reminder of the more carefree jazz age. Betty Boop is the first cartoon character to fully represent a sexualized woman. Betty Boop wore short dresses, high heels, and a garter belt. Her breasts were suggested with a low, contoured bodice that showed cleavage.

Her head was drawn larger to give a sense of girlish ways to her.

She almost is valued as a real person. Do you remember ever not knowing of "Betty Boop"

Don't vomit in my shoes!!!!

If you have pets, you have to deal with the hair, the poop, the drool, the litter box and many other things that are just part of the job of being a pet owner.

But there is a mistery to it all. The strategic planning of pet puke.

A dog will be in the middle of the kitchen standing on linoleum, a flooring that is easy to clean and where things wipe right off. The dog will start there, give a few warning heeves, walk slowly towards the carpet. Any mat, rug, carpet will do, heeving its way toward it and just as they get there, it all comes out. Then just walks away like nothing happened at all.

One of those days where not even sex can brighten your mood!

Swearing, yelling, tearing the place a part. Nothing helps. Mood is shot, doom like a cloud that hangs over your head. Nothing is going right, everything just sucks, you hate everyone, everyone is on your nerves.
Everything today is turning to crap, you feel like crap, you look like crap, everything you touch turns to crap.
Nothing you say comes out right, bad hair day, no sunshine, traffic, lost keys, forgot papers at home, lunch is bad, coffee creamer soured, computer won't boot up....
Whining is not helping, trying to meditate it all away...not working.

Have you ever been in that mood? That mood that brings about a day to suit it just so. It is just a bad day all around. Nothing seems to be able to brighten it, to lift you up, to make you smile.
I hate those days!

But then...

Someone asks: What is pink and fluffy?

Ans: Pink Fluff
ha ha ha he he he he omg I am gonna pee my pants lol he he ha

Slowly ripping away the fat, losing the weight, joining the skinny people.

I have been getting through my goals. I HAVE LOST 3 POUNDS! Yeah for me.
Goal one- eat before coffee in morning
Goal two- drink more water during day
Goal three- eat one or more fruit per day

Now Goal four - 25 sit ups in the morning and 25 in the evening, walk whenever it is nice out and it is possible (see no pressure, that way I am still in control)

Could we live without our internet porn?

If the Internet ceased to exist all of sudden, would we all just sit silently and have no clue what to do?

Without technology:

We would have to unfold and fold a map and be able to actually read it.
  • Go to the bank and interact with a person
  • Subscribe to Playboy etc. and have it delivered to our door
  • Go into those XXX stores to buy our sex toys and porn
  • Pick up a phone and talk to relatives
  • Put a stamp on it
  • Pick up a pen
  • Use a dictionary
  • Go to the library
  • Get film developed and actually share pictures in hard copy
  • Break out the scrabble board or Monopoly and play with humans
  • Read a book made of paper
  • Change the CD/push play
  • Stay home to receive a call or make a phone call
  • Go to the mall and push through crowds

Dressing for success

Working at home can put you into a rut. There are some days I don't see anybody just talk on the phone, work online. Doing housework in my pajamas, I could stay in them all day. I get tons done but it is a good thing no one sees me.

Happy Turkey Day! Happy Thanksgiving

Oh more turkey for me, I am a Canadian girl living in the United States, so I get two days worth of thankful, over stuffing of turkey dinners. The man hunts all morning. I cook all day. We eat too much and be thankful for it all.

Have a great Thanksgiving and don't get lost the day after!

What is your Sexual Attitude? In the open and behind closed doors, sexitude.

What is your sexual attitude? Your sexitude level?

When you think of the act:
Is it a chore? "I have an itch, could you please scratch it for me"
Is it a to-do? "Get the candles, dim the lights, shower, shave, sexy stuff, lotions, massage oil,soft music, wine etc."
Is it a wham bam? "Bend over, it will only take a minute or so"
Is it a cumfest? "Get naked, turn on the porn, get the toys. Mission- orgasm hundreds of times til we blow up" (usually 5 in 20 and done)
Is it user-friendly? "OK kids are out, let's do it"

Really weird stuff online, Bigger boobs?

You are not going to believe the stuff you can find on the Internet.
You can have large boobies, from buying a breast enlargement hypnosis course.
4-part Breast Enlargement Hypnosis course will help you regain your confidence in your body and get the attention you deserve. In less than one hour you'll start to feel the benefits, as this remarkable session helps to stimulate growth and alter your body's physical make-up.

40 bucks get this MP3 download or if you want the CD for 80 bucks. It takes you through getting rid of negative thoughts all the way to deciding your perfect size and imagining them. And poof, everyone will be admiring your boobs.
I don't even know what to say, this is a new one for me

David's Cookies - Can one desire too much of a good thing?

Will my boobs get smaller as I lose weight?

Throughout my teens, I bought my bras for three dollars, I was a size A. Was really no big deal to me, I really didn't want the attention the girls with the big boobs were getting. It didn't phase me much, I had boyfriends, didn't have to wonder why they liked me, couldn't have been for my chest anyway.

As I grew older, went through phases of life, having children, breast feeding, weight gain and well you know just age; the boobies got bigger. Not to say I have big boobs, but I do have them now. I actually have to wear a bar, they might sag a bit and they have acquired some stretch marks. Husband does not care, I believe he likes them just fine.

One fruit a day, losing weight with fruit

I realized I wasn't eating any fruit. Now fruit provides energy, fiber, proteins, you know all the good stuff.

So since I have to set goals to improve my diet and lose this fat, fruit is my third goal for this diet. Each day I will eat one fruit, will increase it since the recommended amount is 4 servings per day.

I don't want to bring it on too fast, I would rather succeed at this than fail. I don't think I could handle going from no fruit to four per day. Not to mention my system and visiting the bathroom way too much.

Gradually working it into my diet plan seems sensible to me, and I can be sensible at times.

Goal three, one fruit a day, usually mid morning. Good diet plan and I will be healthier yet.


Dancing in your underwear makes you sexy!

This just in! Hold the presses! You have to hear this!

In other words, shut up I have something to say, and you actually might want to hear it. (Maybe not, but there could be a chance)

Dancing in your underwear can make you the sexiest person alive. All you have to do is follow a few steps and a few rules.

How many excuses do you need to have sex?

I came across this article, well actually it was sent to my email. One of those newsletters I signed up for apparently. The sucky thing is they send it five times a day, most of it I delete but every so often they send something I actually want to read (hence the reason I haven't opted out yet)

The title of course grabs my attention "18 reasons to have sex"

There are reasons like improves the men's heart, I am not sure why only the man's, my heart rate rises during sex.

I hate shoes! Seriously, Shoes Suck!

Hate Them!

Well it may not be considered normal for a woman to hate shoes, but I have never had any use for them. Well except to protect my feet from cold, and social exile.

Putting on a pair of heels, does make you feel sexy, but I can put them on, stand there, do the whole "oh look at me I am sexy" thang. Then off they go, if you want me to walk with you, go out somewhere, my feet have to comfortable.

To not get bored with shoes, I think they should be cheap and dispensable. Once you have worn them out or just tied of them, huck 'em, toss 'em, dispose of them.

I like bare feet, not overly manicured feet but natural feet, well cared for, expressive feet.

Don't suck on them or massage them just appreciate them.

Sex versus Fries...Get ready to RUMBLE

Well this is what it has come down to. Nothing to do on the weekend but eat french fries and have sex. Maybe even experiment a little in the kitchen, and I won't tell you if that is with food or sex or both for that matter. You poor soul will have to use your imagination for that, but don't get too carried away, don't want you to hurt yourself.

I love Fridays, it is beer day, well it starts more in the evening, but it signifies the end of the week, I get to shut my brain off, get a bit tipsy and just let the adventure find me.

Saturdays are quiet and always means recovery, either from the week of grueling brain usage or from Fridays over indulgences.

You just stink, don't sit near me.

We do not have to sit in a public building and breathe someone else's toxic waste anymore. That is a total bonus.
Do smokers really think we cannot smell them? I am surprised at how many people will go outside, right outside the building by the way, smoke and then come back in, not even realizing how awful they smell.
It is really gross, to be honest with you. They smell bad, disgusting, almost to the point of gagging people, yet it does not seem to bother them at all.
If I stank, it would bother me. I don't like to smell bad, I shower in the morning, put on deodorant, maybe a small dab of perfume. I wear clean clothes, clean my house, all so I don't smell bad.

If those walls could careful if they are!

Hot, sexy, steamy, erotic, romantic...are these the words that you would use for your sex life?

Wet, sweaty, hard, exotic...are these the words that you would use for your sex life?

Dark, cozy, normal, over.....are these the words that you would use for your sex life?

Oh the tales we could tell with just a few words. When looking into your own bedroom, are things always changing, exciting or have they become more of a habit, ritual or job?

Every morning, to the kitchen

My second goal for being more healthy and losing some weight is eating breakfast every morning. I will eat high fiber, brain energizing food before I have my coffee.

See before, the first thing I did was drink coffee, then was not very hungry and would wait until I was starving to eat. This messes up you system and screws up you metabolism.

Oatmeal is the best thing you can have in the morning. Oatmeal are a great source of complex carbohydrates and are high in protein as well. This will get you moving in the morning. In more ways than one.

I can be politically correct, I just need practice.

Wow what a pain in the butt, this became. I wanted to do some research on being politically correct. What a mess is all I have to say. Here is some crap I found...I mean really good stuff I found...geez

First I would like to understand some things. What does “Politically correct mean?”

Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term denoting language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social offense in gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, handicap, and age-related contexts.

And you wonder why you are fat?

I use the word "fat" loosely, but you get the point right? It is an epidemic here in North America, I am just using one word to describe it instead of the "politically correct" words I could choose. Here in America we eat too much, gain weight, and then bitch about it. Me included- definitely. So I thought I would point some things out, that came to me last night while watching Diners, Drive ins and Dive.

Yummy food, we watch it get prepared in mass amounts to be served to starving bellies awaiting.
We watch as the cook throws huge chunks of butter into the mix, slather the food in bacon grease, pour massive amounts of meat juice into the gravy.
Wow that is how it is made, awesome...but wait!

Stop nagging already, I will drink it...grrrr

I hate drinking water, I have no reason for this, I just don't like it.

For my one of my goals to lose this weight, I will drink more water, for many reasons and because I know I should.

Went to the store and bought some lemons, sliced them up and put them in the fridge. Every morning I will get up, drop a slice in a glass of water and keep filling it up all day long.

Goal one not so bad, I can do to the fridge for some more damn water.

"They are not free, make him work for his vowels"

eeee,aaaaa,ooooo,iiiiiii, always make him work for them. Never fake it, and give it away for free.

According to some studies, as many as 61% of women fake orgasms at least some of the time. This is usually an attempt to protect their partner's feelings.

Well this could get into a bad habit, and both are getting ripped off. Men think that a woman has to orgasm or she is not satisfied. Really now, sex is with an awesome partner, can rock your world with or without orgasm. Some women only have an orgasm once and sometimes she is not even sure if she has or not.

How to tell if she really had one:

Baby dolls are now or never!

If you look hot in lingerie, then you should wear it, does not matter what size you are. If at any time in your life, you can pull this look off, then you should take advantage of it. Collect some really nice pieces, take care of them and even worship them. There will come a time, that it won't be pretty.

Corsets-Bustiers, Teddies-Baby Dolls, Fantasy Wear-Costumes, Hosiery-Garters

Make the best of these times in your life, the satin, silk, the cool fabric that presents a sexy silhouette. Hell flaunt it while you got it.

You may be fit and healthy all your life, you may even be firm enough to hold it up, but there is a time in your life when B A M. All those little sexy outfits, look gross. I cannot sugar coat it for you, it will come when you least expect it. One minute putting those hot little numbers on and prancing around the house, reeling in the man; then hanging, sagging, looking like the old chick trying to get away with it.

Now I am not saying that this will happen for everyone at the same time, but it will happen. God bless you if you are eighty, but most likely it will come a little earlier.

Take advantage of the time in your life, when these clothes actually work for you and for the person looking at you in them. I beg you, don't let this time slip away, this may be your opportunity to make it all happen.

Then it will slide under the sheets and turn off the lights...or not.

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Slice those Taters up, Mama wants her fix!!!

Well you know I had to do something about fries, and I am actually talking about French fries, it isn't another word for sex..although..ok never mind.

French fries are not a comfort food for me, I just have to have them if they are on the menu, sorta like your favorite toy, you just have to have it although all the others are screaming to be used...OK back on track here.

I can not stand back fat, that is putting it lightly!

What am I talking about you might ask, well let me explain.

I get up, get dressed, and that is where it all goes to hell. When it is just hanging there, not so bad, I can just ignore it and make sure I don't cross by a mirror. But put a bra on, holy crap. There is no shirt that will cover that. I must have bought all my clothes before the back fat phase I am apparently going through now. The bra divides the fat into sections, or bulges if you prefer. There are rolls and lumps, weird stuff going on behind me. I own some cute tops, but it is like putting plastic wrap over meatloaf.

You are fat and ugly?

  • Negative self-talk learned as children can cause us to constantly seek the approval of others, or drive us to constantly try to please other people instead of being self-approving, and self-pleasing.
  • Negative self-talk leads to pessimism about your life and your future.

  • Negative self-talk makes you cynical.

  • Negative self-talk is one of the major causes of non-organic depression.

  • Negative self-talk adversely affects our self-concept.

  • Negative self-talk robs us of our ability to live joyous, fulfilled lives.

Searching far and wide for the words that are related to women and sex

For your entertainment, awareness, knowledge, found some words that are related to women and sex. Sometimes you have to wonder, with all these pointing at women who want some (which is human by the way) that women have messed up feelings about sex and their role in that area. Some focus on the paid for sex, but most have been used interchangeable.

Whore - a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money

Tart - Slang. a prostitute or promiscuous woman

Scarlet - Flagrantly immoral or unchaste: scarlet thoughts

Harlot - prostitute; whore.



Call girl

Escort -
A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to spend time with another as a companion.
Hussy - mischievous, impudent, or ill-behaved girl
Slut - an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.




Working girl

Bimbo -
Disparaging and Offensive. an attractive but stupid young woman, esp. one with loose morals.
Easy make

Nympo - abnormally excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire in women.

Piece of tail




Minx -
a pert, impudent, or flirtatious girl.


Femme fatale

- a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not legally married, esp. one regarded as socially or sexually subservient; mistress.

If you have any more let me know, plus any that relate to men besides the obvious - horny, pervert

Bug eyes everywhere!

I am sorry, really, but I hate them, they take up half your face. All you see is are these huge bug eyes. Yes I know they are in, its fashion, yes I get it. But they are awful. Just my opinion of course, but sunglasses should compliment your face and protect your eyes. These big glasses are a little bit of overkill on the protection, and it does not matter what you look like, all people see are those huge alien like bug eyes.

They have forever

Well that might explain a few things, these people have been pushing french fries my entire life. When I was young it was a treat to go, now it is everywhere and way too easy to give in.