10 Ways To Be A Bombshell

1. Do not wear your pajamas shopping (or slippers).

2. Brush your teeth more than once a day and make sure you have good breath.

3. Smile all the time, whether it is a polite smile of acknowledgement or a whole lot of teeth, make it real.

Adult ADD or What?

I set out to write something on Adult ADD, which was about an hour ago. I checked my email, sorted CD’s, went to the bathroom, swept the front step, finished sorting CD’s, read half a chapter on how to be successful and then started writing about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I wonder if it affects me any?

Do Men Worry About Such Things?

We have heard the jokes and puns about men worrying about baldness, somewhat like a women worrying about how big her butt looks in her new jeans.

Usually articles and advice on improving self confidence, awareness and image point toward women. Would that same advice benefit men in the same way? Do they need their own pep talks that would differ from the womanly advice we receive?

Are You Addicted or Just A Dick?

This is an old post from the original blog. I thought is was fun so enjoy it!

First are a few samples of keyword searches that were used by people and they were directed to the blog. The second part of the post is a list of addictions that might explain some of the searches people use.

Search words used to by visitors of this site:

girl has sex with monkey 2
lady godiva 1
n freepussy 1
sweating boob sexy 1
when you have juicy on your shorts 1

You know you have a classy blog when......

Explanation for such behavior might be.........


There are days when you just don't feel like reading or writing. Not that you don't want to but you really don't have that feeling. Somewhat like when your foot falls asleep, it doesn't work, it feels funny and you don't want to use it...its like that

...no feeling, don't feel like it, not feeling it, not a freakin feel anywhere to be had.

So as this day just happens to be one of those non-feeling days, I end up writing anyway but keep in mind I Don'' Feel Like It!!!!!!

What is WTF?

Best Ideas, Worst Places

Why is it, that the best thoughts come to you at the most inopportune times?

In the shower: The water is calming, like rain or a waterfall. The smell of fragrant soaps and shampoos calming the senses. Your mind opens up and the best idea flood in and swirl around. The brilliant, genius ideas that need to written down...the life changing and the little ones like 'we need garbage bags, need to add to list as soon as I am done'.

This can be hazardous when shaving and not paying full attention to detail. You could cut something...and women you know those knees are a bitch to get at, not to mention around the ankles.

In the Car - driving: There is always that great idea right down to the smallest detail that really should be written down. As soon as the car stops, it is like that awesome idea that would solve your problems blows out the window.

Fake or Not Fake? To Barbie or Not to Barbie?

Honestly I have never considered plastic surgery for any reason. Could I be the odd one out? Is it totally normal and acceptable to think about going under the knife to change your body?

Wanting to change my appearance has always been in the front of my mind, but I just figured I would have to get my ass off the couch and really put some effort into it.

Not that my body is a disaster area, but I have earned my stretch marks, my south bound breasts, and a few wrinkles here and there. I am forty. I am a bit dumb when it comes to sun block...like every year I get burnt...did I think it would not happen? I need to increase my water intake, I need to work out more, I need to stop drinking beer. Eat more veggies and fruit......

So my body is the way it is from genes and lifestyle choices...suck it up!

None of this every really comes to my mind until.......

Do I Have The Balls?

It is a curious thing...the phrase, "Do I have the balls?" "Do you have the balls?" "He needs to get some balls."

You get the point?

Balls are very sensitive..so I have been informed. They have to be handled with care, can be sensitive to cold, to heat, to touch....

To me they would not be a good representative for strong, daring or confidence.

Truly I am not sure what body part could really give that much character to embody being determined and daring behavior.

There is no manual!

Online, in a book store, through a magazine, in a circle of friends, your mother, your spouse, the news, your spiritual advisor, the lady in the kids fashion store......now listen carefully...



You can search all you like for the best advice but you will still feel like you need a vice.

Women have it so easy!

Why do women have it so easy you wonder? Well consider this....

Women can find anything. Although she may be accused of moving things around or rearranging the entire house in the matter of hours, while people who actually live and use the same space, the same amount of time as her, search endlessly for something; which takes her minutes to find.

Women can fake anything without anyone ever proving otherwise. The list is endless: tears, orgasms, sincerity, confidence......and on and on.