Thursday, April 28, 2016

Give Your Bra A Break

cable fly weight training
cable crossover

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Bench presses and push ups. Women don't think of their pecs! The best way to give your bra a break is to pump up those pecs. A strong firm chest does wonders for the cleavage, the form and needless say a bit more perky. With strong, firm pecs and a strong back posture looks great and there is less pain throughout the day.

We usually think of pecs like this

Women will not bulge out like men will when working out, you need testosterone for that. But working amazing pectoral workout can enhance the cleavage area and lift everything up!

Monday, April 18, 2016

It Is All Luck

Sitting to my left, an older gentleman starts pounding on his machine, actually bitch slapping it. Insisting it deliver the goods and round up the winnings he has sat for hours waiting for.

Playing the slots is an occasional indulgence and gets my husband and I out of the house. People-watching is just as entertaining as pushing the button and letting a machine take out gambling budget of $20.

Some do get mighty serious about the ritual and hocus pocus of the situation. Many people will touch the screen believing strongly that little bit of invited power of touch will result in bringing luck and fortune.

Are they insane?

When we wonder around and take in the sights a common view is one person using two slot machines at one time. How much money and how fast do you want to lose it?

If you chance to win some sick amount, they (the casino gods of greed) know you are hooked and will be back and back often. You will give the money back one way or another.

The absolutely crazy thing we discovered was that people will actually wear adult diapers so they do not have get up for any reason.

There is no doubt that people win at a casino but there is even more certainty that people will lose.

Keep us entertained while we win or lose....keep it coming!

Adult ADD or What?

I set out to write something on Adult ADD, which was about an hour ago. I checked my email, sorted CD’s, went to the bathroom, swept the front step, finished sorting CD’s, read half a chapter on how to be successful and then started writing about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I wonder if it affects me any?

According to one website people who are affected have serious problems in one or more of the following areas:
• screening out distractions
• starting and completing tasks
• remembering tasks and plans
• organizing information and belongings
• being on time
• keeping priorities in order
• focusing on important tasks rather than low priority but interesting ones
• fulfilling their obligations on time

You should never self diagnose yourself, especially off the internet, but it could be a handy excuse for getting no where in a real big hurry.

There is therapy and some medications that are available to people with ADD, if you can convince a therapist, you actually have it.

I am thinking that I really do not have ADD but there is a possibility that my mind just stutters because there is just too much on my mind, that each little thing fights to get out first.

Friday, April 15, 2016

I Might Be More Like Betty Rubble

It is always a great experience or moment in your life when you find out you are the outcast, the underdog the nerd, the one that is a bit different than the rest (polite version).

There comes a time, I think they refer to it as the 'ah ha' moment or in my case the 'oh no' moment. Am I square (the fact I use that term would solidify the answer as a 'yes')

Foul language is not used on my blog, in front of my mom or my children. When I comment online or post a picture or status, I use very tame words. How crazy is that? I have used some swear words with my parents and children but it is rare. I can swear like a trucker (no offense to truckers but it was all I had) but it is never attached to my online presence or my elders or people I wish to influence. Have I been a potty mouth in the past...yes.

No angel here, but when compared to many or most, I still consider certain words to be 'bad words' and when I use 'bad words' it reflects on the 'bad' side of me.

I know you are all thinking "get over it and come over to the f*cking dark side already." or "you are full of bullsh*t"

I do not claim to be a lady, but what if my Grandma read the things I posted? My teenagers swear more than I do, everyone does. I don't care (well my kids I do, but you Recently I just realized how often words are used everywhere without any care to it. Most have become expressions as if they are now words that resemble explanation marks or expression of what people are trying to say.

Not many people even notice, the dirtier the words the more feeling of what is being expressed is.

Are words even considered 'bad' or 'dirty' or 'swear' words any more or are they just used to get the message across with a 'in your face' attitude?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Do Men Worry About Such Things?

We have heard the jokes and puns about men worrying about baldness, somewhat like a women worrying about how big her butt looks in her new jeans. Usually articles and advice on improving self confidence, awareness and image point toward women. Would that same advice benefit men in the same way? Do they need their own pep talks that would differ from the womanly advice we receive?

From an article on, this started me thinking

As many suggest, facing and talking about fears is a good start in managing or overcoming them. Some body-image difficulties affect more people than others, and some are fixed (penis size) while others can be altered or improved. Self-help anxiety and body-image books are a great start and help many people. A therapist can also help you work on these anxieties.

Read more:

Do men and women have such different body image issues or do men hide it better than women?

If you do a search for healthy self image, many sites you will find are directed at women. Too improve your self confidence. Are women more susceptible to damaging self image and esteem?

According to Self Image In Recovery the following is involved in creating a self image......

Your self-image is developed by how you assess the following factors:

* Physical appearance.

* Shape of your body.

* Accomplishments in academics.

* Achievement in athletics.

* Social skills.

* Value system.

* Skills, abilities and competencies.

* Relationship with family, relatives, siblings, peer group and others.

* Behavior in social and professional situations.

* Background and environment from which you came.

* Roles played in life at school, home, work and in the community.

* Jobs and job titles held.

* Goals, ambitions and aspirations for the future.

Read more:

Well that just gets me thinking even more. The things listed above are not gender oriented. Why are women more affected by such things and have so much problems with self image? Or do they in reality? It could be that women are apt to buy the magazine and analyze their own self image more than men do, reflecting the abundance of information that is geared towards helping women feel better about themselves.

It now comes down to more questions and not a whole lot of answers, but I feel better about myself today just because I was able to come up with so many questions in the first place. Thinking gets my juices going.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are You Addicted or Just A Dick?

This is an old post from the original blog. I thought is was just fun so enjoy it!

First are a few samples of keyword searches that were used by people and they were directed to the blog. The second part of the post is a list of addictions that might explain some of the searches people use.

Search words used to by visitors of this site:

girl has sex with monkey 2
lady godiva 1
n freepussy 1
sweating boob sexy 1
when you have juicy on your shorts 1

You know you have a classy blog when......

Explanation for such behavior might be.........

Things you can be addicted to;

Aerosol sniffing
Anti Depressants
Auto Racing
Body Building
Drunk Driving
Exercising (excessive)
Fantasizing (excessive) as opposed to dreaming,
Food addiction
Husbands (relationships),
Joking about serious matters
Junk collecting
Kinky sex
Lacquer thinners
Muscle Relaxants
Over achieving
Over eating
Over working
People Pleasing
Pain Killers
Racetrack betting and action
Risky behaviors
Sports or work related high risk ventures
Serotonin - the self produced drug of choice for manic depression and bipolar folks
SELF - ego
Self Help Books, programs
Self Mutilation
Sniffing Solvents
Sleeping Pills
Shock Treatments
Torturing - emotionally or physically - Power addiction
Therapy - codependency as opposed to getting on with life.
Trichotillomania - Pulling out own hair compulsively.
Vicodin - watch some old shows of the series "House!"
Video Games
Wheat Flour - Carbohydrates
X-box - see Gaming
XXX Movies and Magazines
Zoo sex (sex with animals)

And you thought you had problems....

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pleasure Me-Make Me Fat

As we become surrounded by the convenience of high fat foods, taste enhanced processed products and advertisements that lead us like a herd to the feeding trough; we find incomparable pleasure in the foods we eat. Many a time people will defend this way of life, the life of ultimate convenience, but the evidence or even the enormous hint shows that maybe, just is not good for us, as we are all started to look alike.

Call it what you want! The muffin-top, spare tire, life saver, beer belly or extra body fat, when you can enter a large store, look around and only see a very few people that actually look like the weight and shape that they should be, this could be the 'hint' that something may be amiss.

We all have different shapes, different structures and handle different situations differently. Get it? Different!
Overweight should not be the norm, it should be the exception. Regardless of the look of the muffin top, it is a huge signal of poor health, proof is the increase in health care needed. This puts us in lines at the Doctors office at an earlier age and that is where we stay until we get the 'hint'.

It may not be the need to add medications or supplements. It may not be the barrels of 'get thin quick' advice we seek. It may just be, we need to change our diets, not as a whole but as individuals. To each to care for ourselves as responsible people.

Will sum it as "I am just saying....." Get the hint!