101 Ways to Dress a Duck

Did you seriously set your sights on to read 101 ways to dress a duck?

Is it a Sunday afternoon for you? Should you be doing something productive instead?

Counting the people wearing pajamas in Walmart or even in public would be more useful way to spend you time.

If I had 101 ways to dress a duck, I would be totally pissed if my friends and family did not jump in and do an intervention or just call the loony bus directly.

Still reading? Still hoping you will get at least a few ways to dress a duck?

These are Polar Plus Duck Overalls. Not to put on your duck.

I love the fact that you are still here, wishing you had 101 ways to dress a duck. I wish I not spent all this time writing this post. I am delighted that we all had a chance to waste a few minutes and just be no more educated than we were before you happened to fall here. This being said, I hope you did not do a search for "how to dress my duck". 
For those of you that are really serious about dressing a duck.... SAUSAGE-…

Give Your Bra A Break

Who is looking at that cleavage anyway? Chest muscles and cleavage, yes they are related. Although breasts are not muscle, the chest is full of them. Think of a man's chest and how it looks when toned and looking strong. Well put some boobs on it and you have healthy, perky cleavage. 
Chest and back and then back again. Chest muscles help the back, tight chest muscles equals back problems. If they are too tight they will round the back leaving it feeling the stress from the day. Balancing chest and back muscles, so one is no weaker or tighter than the other can make a huge difference. 
Secret moves to increase the power of your pecs. Okay fine, they are not so secret but are worth it. It beats pushing heavy furniture everyday. Bench presses and push ups. Women don't think of their pecs! The best way to give your bra a break is to pump up those pecs. A strong firm chest does wonders for the cleavage, the form and needless say a bit more perky. With strong, firm pecs and a strong …

It Is All Luck

Sitting to my left, an older gentleman starts pounding on his machine, actually bitch slapping it. Insisting it deliver the goods and round up the winnings he has sat for hours waiting for.

Playing the slots is an occasional indulgence and gets my husband and I out of the house. People-watching is just as entertaining as pushing the button and letting a machine take out gambling budget of $20.

Some do get mighty serious about the ritual and hocus pocus of the situation. Many people will touch the screen believing strongly that little bit of invited power of touch will result in bringing luck and fortune.

Adult ADD or What?

I set out to write something on Adult ADD, which was about an hour ago. I checked my email, sorted CD’s, went to the bathroom, swept the front step, finished sorting CD’s, read half a chapter on how to be successful and then started writing about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I wonder if it affects me any?

I Might Be More Like Betty Rubble

It is always a great experience or moment in your life when you find out you are the outcast, the underdog the nerd, the one that is a bit different than the rest (polite version).

There comes a time, I think, they refer to it as the 'ah ha' moment or in my case the 'oh no' moment. Am I square (the fact I use that term would solidify the answer as a 'yes')

Foul language is not used on my blog, in front of my mom or my children. When I comment online or post a picture or status, I use very tame words. How crazy is that? I have used some swear words with my parents and children but it is rare. I can swear like a trucker (no offense to truckers but it was all I had) but it is never attached to my online presence or my elders or people I wish to influence. Have I been a potty mouth in the past...yes.

Do Men Worry About Such Things?

We have heard the jokes and puns about men worrying about baldness, somewhat like a women worrying about how big her butt looks in her new jeans. Usually articles and advice on improving self confidence, awareness and image point toward women. Would that same advice benefit men in the same way? Do they need their own pep talks that would differ from the womanly advice we receive?

Are You Addicted or Just A Dick?

This is an old post from the original blog. I thought is was fun so enjoy it!

First are a few samples of keyword searches that were used by people and they were directed to the blog. The second part of the post is a list of addictions that might explain some of the searches people use.

Search words used to by visitors of this site:

girl has sex with monkey 2
lady godiva 1
n freepussy 1
sweating boob sexy 1
when you have juicy on your shorts 1

You know you have a classy blog when......

Explanation for such behavior might be.........