That is just plain dumb

Oh the world of blogging, everyone and their donkey has a blog these days.
Getting people to visit your blog and read it is always a challenge. There are different ways to get traffic and usually when describing your blog you try to make it sound interesting.
I use linkreferral because you get to know what is out there and you people tell you what they think of your blog. Although blogging is huge now and there are a lot of great blogs out there, I always find some that are beyond strange and some that are so pointless, I just don't get it..could be me..who knows.
Thought I would share some descriptions of blogs, written by the owners of the blog who want you to visit.

-Its really gud u can know abt it after visiting only! N if u love it jst follow it frnd!

-this is about my personal as well as my work experience in the Online Field

Perky boobs at any age

We must, we must, we must increase our bust!
Waving your arms back and forth like you are ready for take off. No matter where you heard it from, there was always that rumour that doing certain exercises would increase your bust size.

Well those rumours are true, it may not increase your boobs to a larger cup size, but it will bring them up and point them in the right direction.

No matter how old your boobs are, there are exercises that will give them a great shape. Rounder with more cleavage.

Men have the same muscles in their chest as we do, they go to the gym and work those pecs.

Pectoralis Minor are the muscle that when worked out and built up look great on a guy. So now put a pair of boobs on this muscle.

From boob to back, the pit fat attack!

Oh yeah baby! The pit fat is almost gone!

It is the fat that is related to back fat, but it goes from boob to pit. It does not fit in the bra, it is the pudge that hangs out of the bar like it is being choked. You can sometimes minimize it by pulling your boobs inward and making sure all of your looseness is stuffed inside your bra. By the end of the day, your bra has made an outline right through that fat.

So you say your Yo Yo is better than mine?!

Last week webpoll
Have you ever owned any of these toys?

slinky (90%)

Yo Yo (100%)

Tonka Toys (65%)

Cabbage Patch Doll (55%)

I kissed a girl and I liked it...seriously?

This is a discussion on bi sexuality.

Is every mammal bi-sexual?

Oh there are homophobes..that would torch my house for even suggesting such a thing.

If you took away social, political, religious presumption of how we should live, we notice all sexuality and feel it.

Not even if you ever acted, most don't', on the instinct that is hidden and doused in your rearing from birth, you notice the same sex and the opposite sex.

Who is the whiny one?

This winter has kicked my ass, it is most likely stress and yes the freakin' weather. I have been sick forever, the flu, a cold, and some non identifiable mucous problem.

When other loved ones ( I use that loosely when they have snot problems) are so whiney when sick, they belly ache it up and down and all over the flippin house. I hurt, I ache, I can't breathe.

I have tried this, and usually still end up cleaning the house and wiping someone elses nose.

This is why sex is not on mommy's mind

Mothers talk about things easily, things that would not be discussed otherwise. In a calm, whatever, fashion, mommies can sit around drinking coffee and talk about...well example...'poop' poop, their poop, husband poop, and pet poop. Their day could be filled with poop!
The dog pooped on the floor
The kid pooped on the floor
She has no time to poop
Husband goes in to poop never comes out
Mommies can talk about 'snot' ...running noses, picking of noses, snotty noses, wiping on sleeve. Grabbing tissues..making sure the dog don't eat the snotty tissues. Big sneezes by kids with snot running down their faces. Snot conversations can go on all day.

Moms can talk about anything with out even flinching. Snot, poop, boogers, cat food up the nose, taking clothes off in supermarket, screaming and throwing toys, flushing toys in toilet and more poop.

All this is the foreplay for...'sex'??? Probably NOT.....this usually ends in a few hours of sleep, some unsettling night mares and the next day to start it all over again!


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Where did I put that big purple buddy of mine?

Vibrators and dildos have been around for many years, couldn't imagine the women of yester year locking the door and flipping up the petticoat, to have a moment to herself.

Dildos have always had a sexual purpose from the moment they were invented, vibrators on the other hand have not. Vibrators were invented 130 years ago to treat a medical illness known as "female hysteria". Hysteria, meaning suffering uterus in Greek, involved anxiety, irritability, sexual fantasies, pelvic heaviness and excessive vaginal lubrication - sexual arousal during the Victorian era, when women were not considered sexual beings. Doctors would treat female hysteria by massaging their patients' genitals until they experienced relief by paroxysm (orgasm).source

This is what we been playing with

Last week's poll asked....

What type of products have you bought at an adult store?

Lingerie (66%)
Video (55%)
Vibe or dildo for self (77%)
Vibe or dildo for someone (22%)
specialty toys (55%)
Lube (66%)
Joke gift (33%)
Party supplies (22%)
Embarrassed to say (0%)
Nothing (11%)

He honestly will not shut up!

It is March break for the kids this week, something the school comes up with to torture parents with.
My son is 11 years old. He has been diagnoised with OCD, ADHD and impulsive disorder. The doctors have put him on meds for some of it because they have no clue what else to do.
He can be a good kid if he is watched and you are strict with him, something the schools don't get.

Well it is March break, so the days are long. We are not on break, just the kids. We work at home most of the time, but "we are NOT on break"....but the kids are!!!!

My son never shuts up, not sure if you can imagine it or not, but he actually never shuts up. They said it was part of his impulsive disorder. They said some kids will sharpen pencils continuously, like they can't stop til it is basically a stub and eraser. I am willing to supply him in pencils...if he would just shut up. Engaging him in conversation (where it is a two way street) is a challenge enough, because he can't focus on one topic. We let him talk about 'whatever' try to get it out of his system, hoping desparately that maybe he would even get bored of the non-conversation....BUT NO!

You try to be a good parent for as long as you can, but then you have to is human


He actually can't. Without me looking like a raving loon, stomping my feet, tears running down my face...and screaming to shut up...I leave the room and pray he does not follow. It is a 'love him but' situation.

He usually starts with a question...

Why is my muscle shaped like that? Is it suppose to be like that? I was playing basketball, on the street was a shiny thing, but you said I couldn't bring anything home, so I guess I won't show you, can you put air in my basketball? Do you remember when you bought these pants, they still fit. The world might end in 2012 like they said because of the earth quakes but I dont' think it will......

So after that first 30 seconds, I know that there is no end, he waits for no answers to his questions and this will continue all day......

Please shut up!

We are in the big Apple!!

We love the city, it is so great to just lose yourself within.
But of course as we are being our touristy selves, we discover the more bizarre random things. Like a panda, sitting, we snap a picture, turn and poof he is gone. We later see this strange thing on another block.

You never know what things you will discover on a street named Beaver

A turkey walking outside in the alley way of a restaurant. I have heard of fresh turkey but this is too fresh. This turkey was last seen near Battery Park

Are you addicted to sex? Our visitors think that it is possible

Last week's poll asked "Do you think people can be addicted to...?

Sex (93%)
Over eating (81%)
Shopping (75%)
Porn 87%)
Chatting (37%)
Internet (81%)
Exercise/fitness (75%)
None are considered an addiction (6%)

5 Super Tips to Help Couples Keep Sex Hot

Author: Dr. Stephanie Buehler

Lots of couples complain about sex getting boring or routine. They must not realize what you’re about to learn: That if you’ve been together awhile, hot sex takes work, as well as play. Here are 5 super ways to keep things sizzling in the bedroom.

1. Learn to be seductive. You don’t have to be obvious about it. Just by using small, gentle touches of your partner’s thigh, arm, or tush, you can send a signal that you’re thinking about your partner as more than a friend. You can also give your partner more than just a peck on the cheek—really grab your partner and give them a breathtaking kiss that will leave them wanting more.
2. Set aside extra lovemaking time once a week, or once a month. If you pretty much always have a 15 or 20 minute block of time for sex, you are pretty much always going to do the same thing over and over again. By setting aside more time, you allow yourselves time to explore each other’s bodies, new positions, or new techniques.

I love books about anything, sex, food, mythology, people, pets...get it?

I am a book-a-holic, not sure when it started. I love books, mostly how- tos, history and things. Usually when we go out, I am not allowed in the book store any more, there is no room in our place to put any more books.

Usually I look through them, pick out what catches my interest and then display it in the case. I keep them for reference, half read books that are only important to me.

Cook books are my weakness, I do realize I have enough to cook a different meal each day for a couple of years.

Dog training books still there gathering dust, I no longer have the dog, but there is always hope for the future and I am prepared to have one smart pooch.

Honey I'm home! Why are you naked?

Even the not-so romantic and cuddly types like myself don't mind being swept off their feet once in awhile.

Yes it is true, I have no problem with wham bam thank you...clean up and go sleep.

I am not much into eye gazing, gentle kisses and sweat nothings but then may not be "my thing" or even something I would request or go after. Yet again....everyone needs a hug, a nod and a small piece of aw. Something that heightens the special feelings; the gesture of support and the reassurance that there is something awesome between you.

Ways to really show your romantic side:

Who you calling sweetheart?

Pet names will always be between couples, usually not public knowledge. Here are a few we could think of

sweety pie

Lose 5 pounds in 5 minutes!

How many times have we sold our soul to lose weight?

Years of ignoring the fact that we are getting bigger and all of sudden we hit the wall.

OMG! I am fat!

When is the next sex scandal? We are getting bored!

Public sex scandals, how do they affect us?

When our role models, celebs, public figures, politicians make the head lines for having committed adultery or cheating on their mate or even being with a hooker, how does this affect us? 

Clinton/Lewinsky affair, was followed in the media like a soap opera if not like a football game. We were on top of it. Was it because he was president and it was our political system in jeopardy?  If you yank them from the celebrity status, would we have cared so much?

What is your addiction, you could be addicted to sex and fries...

Last weeks webpoll results

What is your sexual behavior online?

Dating (0%)
Adult Chat Room (33%)
Webcam (11%)
Free porn sites (77%)
Paid porn sites (0%)
Erotica (66%)
Sex'n'Fries is about as heavy as it gets (0%)
Sexual advice (11%)
Sex Information (44%)
Adult humor (66%)

How to Talk Dirty to Men

How to Talk Dirty to Men

Author: Caroline Therancy

Dirty talk is a type of pillow talk. You use vivid words to augment sexual enjoyment before and during the lovemaking.
Talking dirty to men can be anything from giving him insults, vivid images using slang words, to whispering curse expressions to your guy's ear.
If you feel timid about it, don't be; only the two of you who will be aware of it.

The more you'll let go, the better you will be. Your couple's life should be hot and wild. It's a form of "sense of adventure" that you are giving to your guy.

You might say that you are a "good girl" and you don't do those things. Well here is my take on this; if you have preferences in bed, and your spouse is giving enough to fulfill them, maybe I can do my part.

Was thin really ever in?

It was all said to have started with Twiggy, where models became smaller and smaller, as the fashion scene became smaller, we became bigger. With images of thin models, in magazines, TV, billboards and all sorts of ads, we ate more. Was it the realization that we already didn't look like this, and if this was in...."I can never look like that, so why try?"

Self esteem issues are big now just like our butts. Obesity is a problem now, a big one. How did we get here? Can we blame fast food restaurants, the media pressures to be thin, stress and lack of work life balance?

I am woman hear me roar

I have never had much thought on the whole roaring thing. Women's rights and feminism surrounded daily life and was just the norm. We always knew about the Queen and didn't hear much about any kings.

Women are known to :
Change their minds
Be emotional
Boost egos

Do you have more to add...What is a stereotypical woman?

What is your sexual behavior offline and online?

Last weeks webpoll asked What is your sexual behavior?  Our visitors said
Sex outdoors  (78%)
Faked an orgasm  (43%)
Sexually adventurous  (65%)
Paid for sex  (0%)
One night stand  (43%)
Discuss fantasies  (56%)
Don't really enjoy sex  (0%)
Hornier than most  (73%)
I think I am different  (17%)
None apply to me  (0%)

So if you see some hornier than usual people having sex outdoors, it is most likely a visitor of Sex'n'Fries.

How do our visitors differ from the rest of America (a poll from ABC: Americal sex survery)
Americans' Sexual Behavior

Sex outdoors 57%
Discuss fantasies 51 %
Faked orgasm (women) 48 %
Sexually adventurous 42 %
First-date sex 29 &
Paid for sex (men) 15 %
Paid for sex (single men, 30+) 30 %