Making love with the lights on

Last week's webpoll wanted to know about our visitors behaviour during sex...
Leave the lights on (66%)
Lights off (16%)
dim with candles (41%)
under covers (25%)
totally naked (75%)
half dressed (25%)
talk dirty (41%)
really quiet with light moaning (41%)
scream (33%)
always orgasm (58%)
rarely orgasm (0%)
add oral (66%)
I don't remember its been a long time (8%)

Searching for sex all over the place

So what do the perverts do when they are looking for some sex.

Online you have so many options to get off on. If that is your thing or not, we all have this innate curiosity to look at things, then either share with others or have great regret that you didn't turn your head in time.

What type of searches can you do for sex?

search for 'monkey sex.....

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Bestiality, free zoo sex galleries
Mad Zoo Sex ... Mature in hardcore furry sex.

Walking naked in the sunshine along a sandy beach......

As a mother and a wife ---the most unappreciated jobs on the planet. I have come to the conclusion I am not capable to hold it together much longer.

Stress affects mommies too. It's Friday and I would like to sit on my ass and do nothing. I wish to be the poster girl for bon bon and soap operas

But noooooooo! No freakin way would I get away with that.

It started with cleaning the black hole, led to dancing with a Koala

What is casual wear these days?

Dropping into your favorite joint for a beer and maybe a bite to eat. The regulars are there, like usual, guess that is why they call them the 'regulars'

What attire is best? Certainly this isn't a joint you wear your best suit to. How far is too casual even for your favorite dive? Right after work, don't even change, just wear what you have had on all day. This is of course totally acceptable unless you are a pig farmer, in that case, do us all a favor and don't smell like work.

Are we into shorts, cut offs...maybe.

Does anyone really care what you are wearing? It does make it more interesting to see the different array of closet choices people make.

How do you suit your clothing to the place you are going?

I am so damn sexy, I would never lose my sheep..Bo Peep

Brazilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life
It is almost odd, how one views their own looks, compared to what others see.
Do we hide the flaws from others so well? Or, do we examine our looks to closely than someone else would?

Some people think they are totally hot, while some look at them and see something...not so hot.

Is true for the opposite, someone might find you a total hotty while you struggle to recognize yourself as average in looks.

This ain't no sex-a-thon, just a lesson in juicy weirdness

I am totally brain dead most brilliant and witty woman there is.

Here is a shovel...

Anyhoo..I have been working my ass off in the gym and also getting products ready for my health business. So I am so busy that I have decided to take a mental break and write a post about SEX.

I know...big surprise...Sexnfries Blog containing sex posts...who knew...duh.

As I have mentioned before, I love books actually to a fault. I own several books on sex, one of my favorite just fascinates me, there is just so many directions to go with (and positions)

Today is your lucky day, because since I can not come up with anything brilliant to post (brain dead) I thought it would be totally cool to just open up some of these informative sex books I own and share some random info.

This is what we call entertainment? Fat woman wants to be fatter?

Seriously...this is not I sit watching "Entertainment Tonight", a show that I once in a while put on while waiting for something else to come on.

I sit watching this show and become horrified. The 'Entertainment news' tonight is about a women trying to gain weight, for the sole purpose of being the first women to weigh 1000 lbs.

I cannot even exclaim how I feel watching this, I am stunned. Shown as a true 'news' 'entertaining' segment of the show.

You can be followed by cats, soap, sex and there

Oh my, I has me some followers.
They actually volunteered, I didn't have to brain wash them or anything. (some I flashed some boob at).

Lately when I go to the blog (Sex'n'Fries) in case you forgot; I cannot see who is following me. The place where those shiny happy people sitting in rows on the blog, has been an empty void...I am blaming blogspot, not me.

Venturing into my dashboard where there is a list of registered offenders followers, I can see exactly who is following me. Not sure why but it is nice to have a bunch of strangers just following you around, right?

In appreciation of these people who follow Sexnfries, <------they think we are sexy, I just know it.

Note: We are very sexy people but due to stalkers we don't flaunt our sexuality with pictures on the internet. So seriously, we are so hot we could model for Victoria Secret!  ---of course no one would buy the stuff we had on...yikes. but still we could do it....

Humping and blowing, who made this crap up?

Ever just sit and wonder why things are the way they are?

Can't be just me, that really has nothing better to do ...or has something better to do but chooses not to.

Well it could be just me, I have sat alone friends or support in my thoughts...anyway.

Where do these sayings come from? Who makes this crap up? Who decides to use such phrases or words and gets the whole world to use them?

A few to ponder for the day.

Do you want to be kissed all over?

Last weeks webpoll:
What statement do you agree with?
I could eat a hot dog everyday (21%)
I would watch my neighbor have sex (36%)
I am over weight (52%)
I own more than 2 TVs (52%)
I love SexnFries (63%)
I don't like my in-laws (10%)
I hate my job (0%)
I own too many shoes (5%)
I love to cook (52%)
I think I am sexy (42%)
I disagree with everything (10%)

Well we think all of our visitors are sexy even if only 42% think they are!