Put her in a monkey suit and let her loose

Last week's webpoll asked "What do you do when you are alone?"

There was no surprise in the results, we already knew our visitors were pervie sexy peeps

Eat ice cream out of the container  (25%)
Drink OJ or milk out of container  (0%)
Masturbate  (62%)
Watch porn  (25%)
Eat cookies or chips by the bag  (50%)
Smoke  (12%)
Pick your nose  (25%)
Search for unwanted hair  (62%)
Chat online  (37%)


I do have to admit that I know a bit of chatese, but really not enough that I could have a conversation or even keep up with most. My kids have me beat, and I avoid the whole texting thing. Chat rooms confuse me and leave me feeling lost in a world other than this one, where I sit out dated and actually using my mouth to communicate with.

Here is a small chuck of a chat dictionary, with some of my added notes.....

AAA = Any Advice Appreciated (usually the advice here was to call if you had a flat)

The 3 best ways to get traffic to your blog!

People are at their computers, hooking up to the internet and searching for many things. Everyone is different and everyone has a few good reasons to surf the web.

The three reasons people are online....to learn, to laugh and to get off!

Blogs that offer all three of these things will have tons of traffic to their blogs. If you could teach people to get off while making them laugh, you have it made. With many visitors to your blog, the web traffic will pour in, you will have to put traffic lights up.

This hot babe is riding in leather and getting busy!

We are off to mix ourselves into the bikers world, thousands of bikes and bikers and wanna be bikers. Dressing up in leather, walking the streets, shopping the vendors, drinking with the best and worse of them.

Biker Babe out....


They have invited themselves to get naked

 Last week's webpoll results are in and we are not surprised!

Your neighbors are out in their hot tub, they are not alone, there are other couples with them and everyone is naked. As you sit outside in your own backyard and peek through your fence you.....and think....

Ignore it and never speak of it  (0%)
Tell your friends what you saw  (22%)
Hope to be invited next time  (40%)
Go over and invite yourself in  (18%)
Keep watching  (54%)
are totally disgusted  (0%)
call the police  (0%)
decide to get a hot tub so you can do the same  (13%)
envy them  (27%)
never speak to them again  (0%)
pretend you didn't see it  (18%)
Disagree with that behavior  (0%)
Wow that is cool  (50%)
It is wrong  (0%)

Positive Pussy Pride

The Yeast Infection - seen on TV- here is the cure, one step no mess, clear that yuk up.

The period - menstruation, the curse, that time of month - as seen on TV - many types of pads, tampons, light, heavy, day, night, long, thin, small, maximum, for little women, for large women. Feeling great about it? Make it easy? What ever.....

Dry Vagina - heat it up with lube girls. Make it a night where everything slides right in.

82% of our visitors love sex, what are the others doing??

We have reached over 20 000 visitors since Nov 2009 when we first pulled this blog together. Within that time we have had a webpoll for our visitors tell us about them. Thought this would be a good time to change it up some.

Webpoll- Tell us about you...Nov. 2009 - May 2010
Male  (43%)
Female  (50%)
Married  (52%)
Single  (24%)
Divorced  (11%)
Over 40  (46%)
Under 40  (42%)
Working  (52%)
Not working outside of home  (21%)
Love sex  (82%)
Love fries  (58%)
Want to lose weight  (50%)
Health nut  (15%)
Smoke  (21%)
Use drugs  (7%)