Happy Birthday to me, gimme gimme......

We built the perfect mate:

Male  (57%)
Female  (42%)

Blonde  (26%)
Brunette  (42%)
Red Head  (23%)

Blue eyes  (61%)
Brown eyes  (15%)
Hazel eyes  (26%)

Skinny  (11%)
Average build  (73%)
Meaty  (11%)

Large boobs  (7%)
Small boobs  (11%)
Size B-C cup  (30%)

Big booty  (7%)

The rabbit wins if anyone is to win at all! Vibrate on my friend

Well that is a big ass rabbit if I have even seen one. You go girl!

Rabbit Vs. Remote

Rabbit: Hey you awesome flick, I need to borrow your life support for a few hours.

Remote: Sorry but that is just not possible, without my power source, the man will have to get up from his chair and change the channel, not to mention the volume. My soul purpose is make sure my owner is comfy and settled in for an entertaining time.

Boob Sweat Can Be Sexy...Right?!

It is HOT!! I mean dripping ball sweat into buckets...HOT!

The boob sweat is killing the sexy look on the tank tops, the tube tops have no chance in hell of staying up with all that moisture. The elastic is digging into the skin right under the boob where the pool of sweat has formed. The built in bras in the 'oh-so-sexy tops' are sticking in places where moisture has no business being.

So much for looking 'hot' this summer, sweating boobs are just not doing it for the libido.

Not even going to mention the sweaty ball thing...leaving that discussion alone!

I am not a bimbo...you tramp!

This is 'Sex'n'Fries Recycled: where we post a post that was already posted way back when and deserves another go around.

In search for the words used for women at times

For your entertainment, awareness, knowledge,  we have found some words that are related to women and sex.

Do women masturbate more often than men? How do you find out?

Big myth is that men are more sexual than woman, absolutely. We are led to believe women think about sex and desire sex much less often than men. It is frequently thought that women who are openly sexual are those women that are sluts, whores, risky in society.

Society shows off the beautiful women to sell products, even turn people on, but women are not suppose to out right be sexually active and in wanting.

Do women masturbate as often as men? Most likely it is more dependent on the person and not the gender as to how often one pleases oneself.