Is there room for one more pussy?

Adding a new cat to the mix (what did you think it was about?), we are just not sure if the cat that owns the house right now will appreciate the company. We think she needs company while we are out but does she? How lonely is she really? She gets the litter box to herself, she gets fed the good stuff and she sleeps at the end of the bed.

How many pussys is too much pussy in one house?

What the 'other' women want in a man!

10 traits Attractive women look for in a man; this is the latest 'news' worthy article on 'Askmen'.

From talking with many 'attractive' women this is what they come up with. My question being, is 'attractive' universal? Is 'attractive' modified to get to a state of 'attractiveness'? Who determines if the women were not 'attractive' enough to count their votes?

No.10 Intelligence - apparently these 'attractive' women are not very intelligent themselves if they actually think a man is intelligent especially if there are boobs involved.

No. 9 Challenge - make her think you don't think she is attractive and she will chase you. Excuse me but the bitch knows she is beautiful, she paid good money at the body shop.

No. 8 Attentiveness - She wants someone to pay attention to her. Duh! Put some clothes on bitch

That is no reason to Vomit!

What the hell happened to my waist line? Why am I so much rounder than before? Who took my 'sexy' away?

Every mirror tells a different story. We all have our own personal versions of the images we see. My husband thinks I am insane when I describe what I see in the mirror. It is when the image reflects how you feel about yourself and/or the image is the cause of how you feel about yourself. I am convinced there has to be something better. The self esteem issues that plague us is a complicated virus we try so hard to be cured of.

When the self image turns against us and throws us into a battle we are not prepared for we start to see illness.

We see all the 'pretty' people, the celebrities, the advertisements, the magazines with advice on how we can look like that.

"Oh Barbie, what did you start?"

On the flip side, eating disorders are more common with celebs than one might realize.

As you sit and curse the 'Victoria Secret' models or 'Playboy Bunnies' ...there might be more than meets the eye.