Look who is watching TV naked now!

78 percent of Dutch women wanted a channel of their own, so they got one.
A Dutch TV channel that’s being billed as the first of its kind in Europe to provide non-stop porn and erotica for women is now boasting 1.2 million viewers.

The call the channel 'Dusk' and instead of calling it 'porn' they call it 'porna' just for the ladies.

“We call it porna, to give the idea that it’s porn made for women, something different from traditional porno,” said Martijn Broersma, the man behind Dusk.

Working towards sexy not donut butt

To get my ass into the gym, I have put up motivational posters. Pictures of fit people. Pictures of the way my body should look like but has no chance in hell of ever achieving. It may get toned but really now....

So to shame myself into moving and sweating, as I look up from the mat, trying to squeeze my third push up, I swear with such conviction. This energy I use up on the anger and pain of pushing my body to limits actually works for me.

More than a rubber band to sex me up

Why I want Valentine's gifts this year....

Usually it is no big deal, my sweetheart is always good to me and there is abundance of romance around here all year long.
But this year I actually want something.....
A typical woman's closet may have different sizes in it. Things that fit now, things that did fit and have wishful thoughts of returning to the used section and those things that 'WTF' was I thinking.
My lingerie has many sizes but mainly small....yes...too small for my chunky butt. I have not needed or thought of wearing sexy stuff. Usually it is right to the point and no time for the sexy clothes.

This year I would like to retire the little numbers that need to go with something that is sexy and covers me at least in a flattering way.

hint: no rubber....

Happy Valentine's Day!!!