Laugh Not, Lost Libido

Everyone and yes I mean everyone, losing the libido at some time. (Even if it is for mere moments for some) Many a time the libido does not know it is lost. It knows exactly where it is and knows what it wants.

Just like appetite, sprung by signals, hormones and sensors of persuasion, the libido chimes along to its own tune.

Could everything be connected? Sex and Fries connected in a deeper way than we originally thought?

Our health is a fact, like a book written out, but if we ignore it, we eat more than we should, we eat crap and we get no hanky panky.

Appetite is enhanced by smell, watching food cook and chewing. It predicts the food choices at times and  guides us to the desire for food..

Libido is enhanced by smell, watching some sexy things and chewing touching. It predicts the partner choices at times and guides us to the desire for sex.

See the connection yet?

Healthy appetite - Healthy libido

Healthy bodies and minds help us find the libido through sickness and through health, til death do we part ( hopefully)

But is it as easy as being healthy mind and body?