Women have it so easy!

Why do women have it so easy you wonder? Well consider this....

Women can find anything. Although she may be accused of moving things around or rearranging the entire house in the matter of hours, while people who actually live and use the same space, the same amount of time as her, search endlessly for something; which takes her minutes to find.

Women can fake anything without anyone ever proving otherwise. The list is endless: tears, orgasms, sincerity, confidence......and on and on.

Booby Squeezing Crazy Woman

Actually she was delightful and very helpful, she knows her job and does it well.

My first mammogram, I know I waited awhile, been told to go for a couple of years now. I did it, it was fine, been through worse. The nurse asked, while pressing my boob like a pancake, if it was as bad as I thought?

My response was quick and without thought, "Well it is not that enjoyable." What a snot I am.

Having a Baby and Old?

Recently Halle Berry gave birth to a baby boy. She is 47 years of age, which is older than me. So I reflected on the question. How would I feel about having a baby at my age?

I do not have the desire or the situation posed to me, so I do not have to even think about it.

Now that is about aloof as you can get.