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Hi! I'm Amber, a life bliss strategist

The story is simple. I am a woman that is aging, lost in her own thoughts, and trying to stay sexy and sane at the same time. I have earned my stripes and scars and most, you can not see. I know stuff and you know stuff and I think we should learn from each other and share all this stuff.


I am born Canadian, recently became an American. I am now in my fifties, which no matter how many times I say that out loud, it sounds like I am describing someone else and that someone is older than me.


I have raised three kids and now all I do is hope to hell that I gave them enough common sense not to screw it all up.


I am on my second husband and it is going well. We spend a lot of time together and we are still talking so that is a good thing. We actually work well with each other's crazy.


Dealing with the crazy in my life has made me stronger and able to work through things easier. Trying to find yourself is overdone but finding my authentic self is a journey that has me wondering often, how did I lose my 'self' in the first place?


So as graceful as I would like to be about things, and as accepting, in tune, smart and sexy as I think I am, the truth is - that I have put together this life, one minute at a time just like any other person. The difference or maybe similarity is pretending to know what the hell I are doing.


With fitness and nutrition training, and many other related courses to give me the power of knowledge; my life experiences have taught me the most. Dealing with all the issues belonging to the influences in my life plus my very own issues, I have gained a wealth of information to learn from, grow from and be as crazy as possible from.


With alcoholism, depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, menopause, Endometriosis, cancer, social anxiety…..not in any particular order and not all my own but all have affected my life in ways that you don't come back from. You live with it, learn from it and you carry on, just different than you were going in.


Now combining my Crazy* Healthy*Strong.

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