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Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered

 Bringing up the past and sharing life stories that shape us. Spilling the truth about depression, eating disorders, and addiction, and mistakes we make along the way.

A train ride to the City listening to this book on audible made me look like a complete lunatic. When you are sitting there laughing to yourself with ear buds in, people stare and wonder, but I would have shared if they asked.

With very relatable chapters these life lessons let you join in the journey of how we learn from experiences we endure.

Each author takes turns bringing to life a self help and self awareness chapter. It almost made my life seem normal, almost! This is a fun book to read or listen to. I love the podcast . I mean who doesn't have a favorite murder.

My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgrariff and Georgia Hardstark

After I listened to this book I bought it for my daughter for her 26th birthday, I mean what better advice can you give your grown ass kid than not to go into the woods and never join a cult.

This book and the podcast are great additions to my collection of murder themed books, audibles and series. Also to the collection of self help books I own.

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