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Do You Have The MenoPause? Let's Get This Over With

 Have you ever tried to explain to your Doctor that you maybe at a point of Menopause? 

They stare blankly at you as if they did not understand the question. 

"You will stop having your period, this is the best way to know you are in Menopause" 

My turn to stare blankly at him. Read the chart dude. I have not had a period for 18 years. 

So I guess the fact I could feel the inner bitch starting to claw her way out could be a sign I am in Menopause or it is my lack of tolerance for dumb.

Signs of Menopause;

1.  Irregular Periods

2. Hot Flashes

3. Mood Swings

4.  Vaginal Dryness

5.  Urinary Infections

6.  Loss of Libido

7.  Weight Changes

8.  Body Odor

9. Muscle and Joint Pain

10. Chest Pain

And a sure sign is that you stop giving a F*ck about things that caused you anxiety and concern before. 

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