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What Your Dream Kitchen Needs : Function, Mood, Harmony

If you ever get the opportunity to design your dream kitchen, consider making sure it has the following characteristics.

· The latest energy-efficient, best-brand appliances. You want appliances that last and make the kitchen a joy to work within.

· A plethora of storage space. Easy-to-reach storage, easy-to-use storage, and easy-to-clean storage.

· Expansive countertop. Work surfaces impervious to staining, cutting, and burning—and that clean up easily.

· Flooring that is gentle on the feet and easy to clean.

· All-day sunlight and bright lighting at night.

· A cozy feel and style so the kitchen becomes a focus of family togetherness.

Three Guidelines to consider: Function, Mood, and Harmony.

Function: almost everything is devoted to function. While mood and harmony are involved, too, the emphasis is on function. Not surprising when you consider that the kitchen is, in essence, a workshop.

The kitchen may be considered the "heart of the home." This room is perfect for on-the-go family hangout, with several seating arrangements for snacks, meals, homework, entertainment, and conversation.

Mood: What is your preference? Contemporary mood—a dramatic mélange of stainless steel, glass, Corian, and concrete where everything is glossy and sleek. County: warm, cozy haven of natural wood, brick, woven baskets, and hand-painted ceramic tile.

Once you have decided the mood, the next step is deciding on furniture to match the mood. Kitchen furniture is a bit different than other rooms. Consisting of, appliances, countertops, chairs, perhaps a table, and cabinetry.

The shape of the kitchen will, of course, depend upon the size and shape of the space available. In most homes, a large, separate room is devoted to the kitchen.

Work Triangle: Regardless of the size or shape of the kitchen, these three elements stove, sink and refrigerator are usually arranged in a triangle that we call the basic work triangle. In effect, this work triangle establishes the traffic patterns in a well-planned kitchen. By arranging them in a triangle, you minimize the walking distance required when preparing a meal.

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