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You Need to Take Care of Your Decolletage

De'-col-le-tage, if you want to listen to the pronunciation, go here.

It does not change a thing. I did not know I had one until I ordered the whole kit and kaboodle of face and neck creams from Cindy Crawford's secret formula or something like that. It is Meaningful Beauty. I only used it for a while until it leaked onto my dresser and, the finish came off. Not the product's fault, it was cheapish furniture, I guess, but I canceled the ongoing subscription anyway.

We will use this picture because she looks like she has taken care of her decolletage.

Did you know?:

*Your neck and chest - decolletage or cleavage can get crepey as you age. Sometimes referred to as turkey neck.I wouldn't say I like the words crepey or turkey neck. Once you learn to say decolletage, you will just stick with tha; adding an accent is fun too.

*Sunscreen is more critical than ever to smooth that decolletage.

*Sleeping on your back helps, I am guessing, from the gravity. Although boobs start to pull towards the sides,I am not sure if you sacrifice them, or if it helps stretch your chest, so it isn't all bunched up and wrinkly.

*Apply moisturizer to this area every day. I am not quite sure if you have to use a specific lotion or cream designed for this area. Now that I know it shows aging traits, I use whatever I have to smother this area.

*You should exfoliate your decolletage often to remove dead skin cells and build up oils. Think about the direction of your conditioner from your hair; as you rinse, it could just sit in your cleavage, I am guessing.

As I am not an expert on decolletage care and maintenance, I have noticed my own showing my age. I am not sure what that means, but I will pay more attention to this area and keep it moisturized.

Please let me know your thoughts on decolletage care.

Final thoughts: Do men have to worry about this, and would they also benefit from extra care?

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