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Just Lose It! It is Ok to be NOT Ok! Episode 9

People do not have flaws.

Products have flaws. They are put together by people and sometimes the design is not done right.

People are not put together by people. We are put together of experiences and learning, by what surrounds us and what we observe.

People are not broken.

Products get broken by use or carelessness. We have feelings and emotions, not all are good, some are sad and some hurt. We deal with what we feel, the best we can but sometimes we find it difficult.

Put yourself together.

You are made of what goes on around you, your emotions and your feelings.

You are physical, mental and spiritual. You cannot be flawed or broken; you are just the way you should be. Tomorrow might bring totally different experiences and things may change in any direction, but you still will be exactly the way you should be at that moment. You will still be put together will all that is around you and all that you experience.

Make the self-connection: Put yourself together!

You may have heard the expression ” It is not what happens to you but the way you react to it.”

I think all of it counts and adds up to who you are. Everything you face each day makes up your life. I think we need to start a connection with it all. Listen to podcast

Walking in someone else’s shoes, will give you sore feet

Relief and extreme sadness entered when the man left to find another life far away. Then the confusion of comfort and longing made many thoughts tiresome as you would wonder where he was


Was he OK?

Everyone has a story that no one will actually understand. There is no truth to “I know how you feel”. Even when situations are the same, no two people will know exactly how the other one really feels. We judge other feelings and we sometimes judge harshly things we do not understand.
Don’t walk in my shoes, but walk beside me in case I fall.

~something I wrote after my dad passed....

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